LEVEL 1 PRACTICUM IN Therapeutic Breathwork
Therapeutic Breathwork/REBIRTHING

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A simple breathing rhythm that helps connect to deep unconscious levels. Past memories may be experienced and emotional blockages cleared. It can be a powerful technique for restoring a physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Rebirthing is a simple and powerful, yet gentle healing process which dissolves tension and stress in the body, while integrating the body and mind into a new aliveness and wholeness. It is a journey into an unfolding of our soul’s potential. It takes us into an awareness of our passions, desires, choices and goals in life-the soul’s purpose, which is often obscured behind negativity and self- doubt.

It uses a combination of skilled counseling and body orientated therapy involving a particular mode of conscious connected breathing.
The process of rebirthing brings suppressed material to the surface from the unconscious, reducing its power to sabotage our lives and giving us the opportunity to forgive and let go of hurt from the past.


The practicum in connected breathing technique is a program which offers quality detailed information, a combination of personal practice, supervised work with clients. The purpose of this practicum is to apprentice in the spirit of breathwork and receive professional feedback. The purpose of this workshop is to give direct training, experience and practice. The program is flexible and allows students to complete the requirements at their own pace.


Maala A Jhaam, a healer and therapist, is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan school of healing, USA. She has also received her trainings in Therapeutic Breathwork™ with Transformations USA. Besides this she has trained in all the seven systems of Reiki, Etheric healing, Pranic healing ,Jin Shin Jyutsu, Melchizedek method, Crystal healing and reflexology.

CONTACT: 650-446-0390      EMAIL: malajham@gmail.com      Website:www.malajham.com
Dirhams (includes total of 6 classes , each class is of 3 hour duration, full set of tapes, A copy of “Breathing in Light and Love” by Jim Morningstar, Supervision and mentoring)

Please note that the fee does not include the charges for three one-one-sessions with Maala A Jhaam which are a requirement for course certification. We meet once a month at the scheduled time convenient to both teacher and student.